ang + david = #5!

angela and david are some of our most favorite people!

the make the cutest little ones.

we keep trying to convince them to give us them.

i think we are getting close :) – the coopers

…putting five little buns in the oven! -tif

i miss the good shoots.

this one even had food!

and i wasn’t there :( – jonathan

love these, ang and david are so cute.

(ps. they also never age, which is not fair)  -tif

holy freakin moly!

david.  if i was only half as hot as you are….

i’m thinking a man date is in order soon  – jonathan

Love this picture!

tiff your awesome!

its only a matter of months before your belly is as big as angela!

its only a matter of weeks before my belly catches up to angela too! – jonathan

i can only hope to be this adorable at any point, let alone in a few months! Angela totally rocks being pregnant.  -tif

thanks guys, we always have an awesome time with you and the fam.  -coopers