jenn and tom get married

i like this dog.  she was kinda built like me. – jonathan

:) -jonathan

This hotel was amazing!

but then i was a little creeped out when i realized the room came with a telescope.

but then it was all better when i realized it was just for viewing pnc park.

the hotel went back to being amazing. – jonathan

amazing cuff links.

a gift from jenn to tom.  – jonathan

no holes for those sweet cuff links?

no problem! – jonathan

notice all the specs of green.  -tif

by specs of green you mean all the drunkie drunkersons

that were falling down in the middle of the streets!

st pattys day parade…..

not a good day for driving through the city. – jonathan

guess what, it’s cold and windy in march.

burr…..   -tif

jenn, your squeezably adorable.  -tif

Piggy back ride for the win! – jonathan

custom cake toppers!!!

ahh!!!  adorable!

i love cartoon versions of real people :)- tif


these cake balls on a stick were good.

(I’m not sure of the proper name, but their still yummy)  -tif

by the way if you are struggling to find a guest book you like,

try a snowboard!  best idea ever.   -tif

We’ll post jenn and tom’s cheesebox later too, be sure to check back.  -tif

thanks for everything jenn and tom!  we had a great day with you and your families!

i’m wishing i had some more of those wedding pierogies right now!- jonathan