Audrey & matt get married

audrey and matt are super fun.

it was such a pleasure to spend the day with them.

we took some pictures while we were there.

here they are :) – jonathan

phone calls are always  such a necessary evil the day of the wedding. – jonathan

I’m always surprised at how may people call a bride on her wedding day!  -tif

this job is about being a creeper.

i think i am getting the hang of it. – jonathan

audrey.  you’re stunning. – tif


you are freakishly beautiful. -tif

heinz hall and i have love hate relationship.

its a a beautiful place and a incredible place to get married at,

but to be honest the rules and regulations make the job really hard for photographers.

yes, i am venting a little bit.

i am just not ready to plunk down the over 10 grand needed to buy a lens

that would be better suited for this place.  – jonathan

love it!!   this is his equivalent of my 10 thousand dollar lens.

i wonder if i can just mount one of these to my camera? – jonathan

this is the best jonathan!   i can’t believe you took this picture.- tif

i know!  it was too good to pass up.

he was playing a game and hiding it behind the program!  hahaha!

sorry to the guest i just completely threw under the bus just now :) – jonathan


love these two jonathan!  audrey in case i didn’t say it enough already.

stunning! – tif

so glad the rain slowed down for these.

thanks audrey and matt for walking around a soaking wet city for us.  – jonathan


ridiculous is what this is!

there were like a thousand origami cranes made as name holders!

that took some serious time. -tif


no wedding is complete without endangering the lives

of the bride and groom by doing the chair dance. – jonathan

seriously awesome ring shot of some seriously awesome rings!

your awesome tiffany!  – jonathan

for real!

I couldn’t believe it when they handed me the rings

and they had their fingerprints inside them.  -tif

audrey and matt!  you guys rock!  we had a blast celebrating with you.

thanks! – the coopers.

…and check back later to see audrey and matt’s cheesebox!