birds and wedding dresses

trash the dress shoot with exotic birds!

why yes!  let’s do it!  -tif

shekar is a bird magnet!

she got “tasted” by this flamingo several times, and has the welts to prove it.  -tif

Oh man!  i love the pic!  but,

is it me….

or is that flamingo giving her the eyes of death? – jonathan

so after the flamingos, we headed over to visit with a cuddly little vulture.

truthfully, she was more personable than the flamingos.

her trainers say she’s just like a puppy. – tif

a puppy who eats raw flesh, has razor sharp talons,

and would pull the spine from your flesh if you turned your back on it!!! – jonathan

she kept landing on poor shekar, so the trainers gave her a glove.  -tif

words can not begin to describe how jealous i am here!

i want a bird of prey in the worst way.

maybe we can do a trash the photographer shoot here some day.

you can cover me with raw meet and throw me in there.

that should make for some sweet photos. – jonathan

the trainer brought us some bones to lay around the floor.- tif

are the bones supposed to deter her from pecking at your skull? – jonathan

Karolina is such a ham.

…and she loves beards!

we have so much in common.  -tif

:) – jonathan

ha!  she’s adorable! – jonathan

thanks guys, the kids are awesome, and you did great dealing with all the bird attacks.  -tif

this was probably one of the most unique shoots we have ever done.

great job tiff!  beautiful family!  i’m  bummed out i couldn’t make this shoot. – jonathan