noah is one!

Today, Noah turns one :)

Happy birthday buddy!  -tif

Check out this awesome rocket hat and shirt.  -tif

um, we ended up taking a walk down to the baseball field.  it was a little muddy.

noah totally dove in head first, back to the house.  -tif

oh no!  hahaha..  – jonathan

my ocd is just flaring looking at that!

that mud must feel all gritty and nasty on his hands!  – jonathan

adorable. – tif

emily bought noah a little cake.

I’ve seen this before, but most kids don’t really know how to go about it.

Noah knows what cake is for!

he ate pretty much the whole thing!  -tif

this has to be on of the messiest shoots Ive ever seen from you tiff!

but non the less awesome! – jonathan