Courtnie + Nick= Aiden & Jack

your all about the upside down thing lately tiff.  ;) – jonathan

so aiden and jack are not identical twins!

(even though they both have the same amount of adorable cuteness) sigh….

i had the hardest time telling these guys apart.  -tif

i’m confused.- jonathan

watching mom and dad go back and forth with the boys was a sight to behold.

mom would have aiden, dad would have jack, mom would hold jack, dad would hold aiden.

mom would hold Jack, dad would hold aiden, mom would hold aiden dad would hold jack. ;) -tif

i wish i had the “tw” shirt!

i would totally rock it even without an “in” to match.  -tif

i would be the “in” to your “tw”  *wink wink*

yeah…. that didn’t really make a lot of sense…  i know. – jonathan

wait… who would be danny devito and who would be arnold? -tif

i love this shot.  i feel like it says a bunch.

not sure what it says.  but it says it a lot. :) – jonathan

these little onzies helped me out with the whole who is whom business.  -tif

ok!  if you get a “tw” shirt.

i am sooooo  getting a “thing 1” shirt!!

these are amazing! – jonathan

super talented baby alert.

look aiden can curl his tongue. tif

thanks guys, cant wait to see you again at Amanda and (other) nick’s wedding!  -tif

absolutely  awesome boys!

great shootin there tif! – jonathan