adele & joe

I’m pretty sure just by looking at these pics

you have no idea that it was a bone chilling night.

my wardrobe: 2 pairs of socks, jeans, 2 pairs of under wear,

2 t shirts, thermal, puffy vest, sherpa style hoodie, hat, and gloves.

my fatal flaw was wearing cheap thin shoes.

tiffany bought me sorel boots because of this shoot!

they are rated to -40 degrees!!! i cant wait to get them in the mail! – jonathan

soooo,  i rambled all that above mainly to say how freaking awesome it was

for adele and joe to wear, comparatively, little clothing.

i looked like a walking marshmallow, they looked awesome! – jonathan

hurry up!  come here!  crap!  i missed it again!

okay lets only try this a one more time.

ready…  crap…  there is a car. lets move.

okay  come here.  the light turned green.

now lets wait for it to turn yellow and lets do it!

crap i missed the yellow again!….  this cycle repeated till i gave up.

but look!  i got one picture where the traffic lights were yellow – jonathan

literally ten minutes of shooting for one picture.  -tif

these guys were so good at “acting” like it wasn’t cold.  -tif

love it tiffany! – jonathan

thank you to the “s” bar!  -tif

i’m married to the biggest creeper of all time.

I’m not sure that you could look any more like a creep, than you do right here.  -tif

oh the joys of night time lights :)

oh. i  forgot to mention earlier.

this was our first ever completely night time shoot.

definitely harder than a day time shoot.

but the rewards can be so much greater as well. – jonathan

please don’t look at the dried up puddle of what might be blood on the ground.

instead focus on how cute adele and joe are.  -tif

thank you, thank you, thank you.

you guys did a phenomenal job out there in the arctic circle.

we’re looking forward to the wedding! – the coopers