shayna, senior shoot

shayna is awesome, and i had a great time with her and her family.

yeh, she brought her entire family

(mom, dad, and two sisters) for support!  -tif

ha, i was so afraid to do this with shayna.

she had some knee surgery not too long ago

and i was pretty certain that i was going to break her.  -tif

i’m not really sure about my technical talent when i shoot people so cute.

really i could have taken these with a Polaroid and she would still look beautiful!

well they may have been cooler with a Polaroid too :)-tif

incredible!  i usually can figure out your tricks Tiffany,

but i had to ask about this one. – jonathan

nice. – jonathan

thanks shayna, and thanks family for tagging along to keep shayna in one piece!  -tif

incredible shoot tiff!  – jonathan