cristina, ron, and karl barks!

yup, you heard me karl barks (the dog)

i love dogs with people names!

cristina and ron were great right off the bat,

we had them jump right into some snuggling

outside whole foods and they totally rocked it.  -tif

nice! i didn’t even see you take this one.  – jonathan

i loved mr. barks.  i don’t love a lot of dogs.

but this one was fluffy and soft like a really fluffy and soft thing.

( i couldn’t come up with funny comparison for a soft fluffy thing)  – jonathan

christina you look great,

thanks you for that!  -tif

check out that doggy tie.

super cool.  -tif

ha ha, sometimes karl wasn’t invited to be in the shot.  -tif

but my underwear is often invited to the shoot. – jonathan

cristina and ron looked so great in front of the sign for kelly’s,

and it’s one of their favorite places.  -tif

i’m glad we haven’t killed or seriously maimed anyone on a shoot yet.

the key word being “seriously” :) – jonathan

does anybody know about this place?

it says we really serve waffles on the door….

but I’ve never seen it open?

are they good waffles?  -tif

you two are awesome.  i hope we cross paths at whole foods or something some time.

you should come check our church out when we put one in the east end of Pittsburgh. – jonathan